Cold Plasma at Suturenostitis

origin and progress

Bone infections can occur anywhere in the skeletal system.

The germs usually come through injuries in the tissue, the portal of entry can be very small and is not always obvious.
As a result, the infection spreads and often clinically late. Systemic administration of antibiotics is usually insufficient and more intensive measures must be taken. On the limbs, the drug can be administered locally with a congestive antibiotic, thus achieving a high level of effect at the site of inflammation.
At the same time a surgical revision is absolutely necessary.

The infection can also lead to the detachment of bone fragments, these are so-called "bone sequestration". They are responsible for non-healing and constantly oozing wounds and must also be surgically removed

Suturenostitis can have different causes, such as:

  • trauma
  • With / without fracture
  • With / without skin defect
  • With / without infection
  • sinusitis
  • After interventions on the Sinu
  • idiopathic
  • masticatory forces
  • malocclusion
  • feeding

The conventional therapies for a suturenostitis are: