"Cold Plasma" briefly explained

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Plasma medicine is a young, interdisciplinary research fi eld in which physics, medicine and chemistry meet. Plasma is also referred to as a fourth aggregate state and is a partial ionized gas which, due to its electrical conductivity, has particular properties which can be used medically. The main active components of the plasma are reactive nitrogen and oxygen species, UV radiation and electric fi elds. The same synergetic mechanisms of action are already known as therapeutic approaches and play a decisive role in wound healing processes. First studies showed a wound healing and antimicrobial effect of cold plasma when applied to human skin already in the 1970s. In the human area, positive results have been scientifi cally demonstrated, especially in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory skin diseases and chronic wounds. Cold plasma stimulates the treated tissue in addition to the regeneration and additionally has a pain-relieving effect.

The effective mechanisms of PlasmaVet®

The effective mechanisms of PlasmaVet® Graph

With PlasmaVet®, an instrument is now available that imports this proven human therapy into veterinary medicine and makes it usable for veterinarians and horse owners. As the mechanism of the plasma effect supports body-specifi c functions and the cold plasma is applied locally and for a limited time, the risk of side-effects is extremely low. PlasmaVet® produces a tissue-compatible plasma at the body temperature level, which allows a two-dimensional, painless application. This electric fi eld causes a deep stimulation of the treated skin and wound surface, which is reflected in a sustained increased microcirculation. So the wound is supplied with oxygen and nutrients and the wound healing is hereby activated. Both individual applications as an alternative to existing therapies, as well as treatment complementary to the support of other therapies make sense, e.g. by an improved effect of the active substance into the skin after an ointment application. The treatment is possible at any time and without medical expertise by simply placing the applicator on the affected site for a few seconds once a day.


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