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Customer feedback on the therapy with cold plasma

Eventing rider Michael Jung on treatment with cold plasma

I treat small blemishes simply with cold plasma from Asmax®

Marie Piuva, stable management in the driving center Freund about her experiences with the treatment with cold plasma

"For the first time I came in contact with cold plasma by our vet. She proposed a treatment of the mouth of a competition horse, whose use was at a close tournament because of a small wound in the mouth on the edge. I treated the mouth twice a day for three minutes. One could see daily how the wound became smaller. After a week nothing stood in the way for the use at the tournament. After this great success, we tried different applications of PlasmaVet®. A horse with swelling on the ankle was treated twice daily for three minutes around the joint. The swelling went back significantly until it was almost invisible. Since then, PlasmaVet® has been my best friend and in daily use for the well-being of our horses ".

Ruth Revill, five-year horse care at Paul Schockemöhle

Experience report on the use of cold plasma from ASmax®

At the beginning of May, I was asked if I would like to try a cold plasma treatment. At first, I had no great expectations of the device, as I had previously tried many things. After a short time, ASmax® came to me and introduced me to the PlasmaVet® device. I was immediately very interested, because a treatment with cold plasma I did not know before and therefore could not imagine anything. I also wondered how such a small device should have such a big impact. But "who dares not wins," I thought to myself and tried out the PlasmaVet® device of the company "Asmax®" for four weeks.

My first case is about a six-year-old gray mare, whose rear left fetlock was badly swollen. In addition, she still had a small sore spot with Maukebefall. On the following pictures you can see how I started the treatment on the first day, 17.05.2018 (see picture * 1). The leg was treated at various points and the mauve directly at the affected area. Already on the second day (see picture * 2) first results could be seen, as the leg was much thinner and drier than the day before. I was thrilled by this rapid and positive development. I treated the leg for a total of five days and continued to work normally with the horse during the treatment period.

My second case is a five-year-old brown mare who had sustained a minor injury in the midline (see picture * 3). I treated the injury for a total of five days and also after the first application there was a very positive change. (see picture * 4) The hole was much smaller and the healing of the foot was clearly visible. The mare was worked a few days without teeth and then the wound was completely healed. (see picture * 5)

In my third case, I treated a ten-year-old gray gelding. He had contracted a 30 centimeter long wound on his right inner hind leg with his own studs in a tournament. In the following picture from 21.05.2018 (* 6) it can be seen that the wound had to be stapled. I started by treating the leg directly at the wound. Then I put some wound powder on it and wrapped a dry bandage for the night. The next morning I could hardly believe how well the wound had healed (see picture * 7, 22.05.2018). From then on, it was clear to me that we absolutely needed the PlasmaVet® device.

Another case of mine concerns a nine-year-old chestnut mare whose insect bites have become inflamed (see pictures * 8, * 9 dated 23.05.2018). After only two treatments, the inflammations were completely healed (see picture * 10).

Now we come to my last case in the four weeks, which revolves around a wound of a broodmare (see picture * 11). Again, after only one treatment, a significant improvement was seen. (see picture * 12)

In general I treated several horses in the period with Maukebefall, fat legs, wounds and swellings. It was always amazing how little effort you had to spend for the healing process. It should also be emphasized that these treatments do not contain any medication or chemistry.

Many, many thanks to the company "ASmax®" that we got to know the treatment with cold plasma!

Mauke treat (with shot) - cure in 5 days


Treat open mouth angle - cure in 10 days


Healing course 30 cm long wound


Course of treatment Insect bites with inflammation after 2 treatments


Healing process of a wound