Indications for cold plasma in the horse

Behandlung Maulwinkel

Cold plasma for open jaw angles

Persistent wounds in complicated areas of the horse show a significant improvement in daily treatment after just a few days by the use of cold plasma

Mud fever

Cold Plasma at mud fever

The treatment in horses with cold plasma not only reduces the germs, but also contributes to the faster regeneration of the irritated skin by improving the microcirculation.

Behandlung Wunden

Cold plasma for wound healing

In cold plasma wound healing, germs are killed within 20-30 seconds. The blood circulation is promoted and the oxygen content in the tissue is increased.

Cold Plasma at inflammation

Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect inflammation or incipient inflammation can be limited and prevented.

Cold plasma at edema

The metabolism can be stimulated by the treatment with cold plasma and swelling can go back. In addition, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action helps