Cold plasma in fungi, mites & eczema

In case of mites, fungi, eczema or mange, e.g. through saddle pad, treatment with cold plasma can help.
In this case, corresponding germs are killed and the skin regenerates.

What is the difference between eczema and mange?
Although various mite forms are described as the cause of mange; however, they all combine the itching as the most striking symptom. Characteristically, however, they affect different skin areas. The summer mange and the allergic summer eczema in the horse show similar symptoms, but the correct summer mange is mite-related, while the summer eczema is triggered by insect bites, such as the blackfly or biting midges. Source: vtg-animal health

During summer itching, the horse scrubs not only at short notice individual places, but so long, until mane and tail are almost gone, and also back and belly are affected. As soon as the horse begins to scrub, it is essential to pay attention and caution. Source: A heart for animals