The mobile "plasma care®" device

Just treat your pet yourself!

... with cold plasma

Very easy and mobile with the new mobile "plasma care®" device.

The device is handy small and can be recharged at any time via the integrated rechargeable battery pack. Depending on the size of the treatment area, you can choose between two attachment sizes. The treatment with cold plasma itself is very easy to use and without expertise. Furthermore, the treatment is very time-saving and takes only 60 seconds per area. Treatment with cold plasma can be done several times a week. There are no medications used and no side effects are known.

Here are the advantages of the mobile "plasma care®" device again at a glance:

  • mobile and flexible
  • handy small
  • easy to disinfect
  • easy to use
  • short application time: 60 seconds
  • no use of medication
  • no expertise

Give it a try: The new treatment with cold plasma